Troubleshooting Read Live Issues


Read Naturally Live: Can't change a student's Series, Level, or Goal in the Staff Member Module because the software says the student is still logged in.



A message says a student's series, level, or goal cannot be changed in the Staff Member Module while the student is still logged in. The student is not currently working in the Student Module. 


When students do not click Log Out at the end of a session in the Student Module, the application can fail to recognize that they have stopped working.

Students should be instructed to click Log Out rather than simply closing a browser window, closing a laptop, or using the Home button on an iPad to deactivate the Read Naturally Live app. Clicking Log Out ensures that all of their progress will be recorded each time they stop working.


To log the student out of the application:

  1. On the Student Login page, enter the student's user ID and password.
    If you do not know the user ID or password, you can use the Student Passwords report to find them.
  2. Click Log In.
    The application displays an alert, telling you the student is still logged in.
  3. Click Log out student.
  4. Enter your user ID and password to confirm the change.

After logging the student out, you will be able to change the student's series, level, or goal in the Staff Member Module.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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