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Read Live v3.9: Word Warm-ups Live Level 3, Read Naturally Live Phonics Features Release Notes

Released September 2022


What's New in This Release

Read Live version 3.9 includes the release of Word Warm-ups Live Level 3. Level 3 includes seven new sections of instruction about decoding and encoding multisyllabic words. The interface of Word Warm-ups Live has also been enhanced.

The Read Live 3.9 release also includes changes to student word list timings so that Read Naturally Live's Phonics series and in Word Warm-ups Live work similarly. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a blank page when opening Read Live after this release, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

Summary of major new features

  • Word Warm-ups Live Level 3 includes the following additions: 
    • Level 3 content includes the following new sections: 
      • A: Word parts: prefixes
      • B: Other word parts
      • C: Word parts: suffixes
      • D: Word parts: more prefixes
      • E: Word parts: more suffixes
      • F: Word parts: open and closed syllables
      • G: Connectors
  • Enhanced instructional features as of this release:
    • In Word Warm-ups Live, a new decoding feature has been added on the Practice Word List step:
      • In Levels 2 and 3, students can click words to hear and see modeled decoding of the syllables in each word.
      • The new feature is enabled both during timings and when a timing is not in progress. Clicking words between timings allows students to work on their decoding skills without pressure to meet their reading rate goals.
    • Flashcard sequences have been added on the Look, Listen & Respond step in Word Warm-ups Live Level 3: 
      • Students are asked to pronounce word parts and compare their attempts with the model pronunciation for each card.
      • Lesson words on this step include a special icon when flashcards are present. As with other lessons, flashcard sets must be completed to unlock other lessons on the page.
    • Word lists in Read Naturally Live's Phonics series and Word Warm-ups Live now use similar goals and timing methods: 
      • Both applications now assign student Word List Goals in words correct per minute (wcpm).
        • Previously, Read Naturally Live Phonics series students were asked to read complete lists in 60 or 75 seconds.
        • As part of this release, Read Naturally Live Phonics students' new Word List Goals have been set to reflect a wcpm rate based on their previous 60- or 75-second Duration settings.
      • In both applications, students can now be assigned word list Duration settings of either 1 minute or Whole list:
        • In Read Naturally Live, teachers can set the Duration option in Story Options. In Word Warm-ups Live, teachers can set the the Duration option in Exercise Options.
        • All existing students' Duration options have been set to Whole list as of this release. This setting is most similar to the previous word list timings, in which students were always asked to read a whole word list twice, down and then across, during each timing. 
        • The 1 minute Duration setting ends each word list timing after 60 seconds. Students hear a bell, and are asked to choose the last word they read. A student's reading rate is then calculated based on the 60 second elapsed time and the number of words the student read.
    • In Read Naturally Live Phonics stories, students now have the opportunity to practice word lists while waiting for a teacher.
      • This change allows Phonics students more practice before their hot timing attempt with the teacher.
      • Phonics students with recording features enabled can still leave a recorded word list timing if they have also recorded a story timing.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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