Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v3.7: Release Notes

Released August 2022


What's New in This Release

The Read Live 3.7 release includes a change to Story Goals assigned using the Read Naturally Live Placement feature. In the Spelling steps of Read Naturally Live Phonics stories and Word Warm-ups Exercises, this release prevents students from clicking quickly through the initial moment when comparing a wrong spelling with the model spelling. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a blank page when opening Read Live, or if you cannot see the Waiting List page in the Staff Module, you may need to clear your browser's cache

Changes in This Release

  • In the Read Naturally Live Placement feature, recommended Story Goals are now rounded down to the nearest 5 words correct per minute.
    • Previously these recommendations were rounded to the nearest 5, up or down.
    • This change brings the Read Naturally Live Placement feature's recommendation into line with coaching recommendations for established students.
  • Spelling steps in Read Naturally Live Phonics stories and Word Warm-ups Live Word List exercises now prevent students from quickly clicking the Check button for an initial incorrect spelling.
    • This change addresses situations in which students did not appropriately check their initial spelling attempt against the model spelling displayed on the page.

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