Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v3.13 Release Notes: Clever and ClassLink Automatic Rostering, Accessibility Features

Released June 2023


What's New in This Release

Read Live version 3.13 includes support for automatic rostering of students through both Clever and ClassLink. Accounts using Clever or ClassLink for Single Sign-On (SSO) can configure their rostering settings in Read Live's Staff Member Module.

This release also includes new Accessibility features in the Read Live student module. Teachers can enable access to features like captioning for individual students. Others, like the ability to navigate using the keyboard, are available to all students.

The 3.13 release also includes technical improvements to ease district network setup as described below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a blank page when opening Read Live after this release, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

Summary of new features

  • New Clever and ClassLink automatic rostering features
    • Student Single Sign-On using either Clever or ClassLink now includes automatic rostering. 
      • All student roster changes must be made through the Clever or ClassLink rostering connection once automatic rostering is set up.
      • Each Clever District or ClassLink Tenant can be used for a single Read Live account as of this release. 
      • The Read Live Staff Member Module includes necessary configuration options for each provider. 
  • The Read Naturally Live, Read Naturally Live–Español, Word Warm-ups Live, and One Minute Reader Live student modules now include enhanced accessibility features as follows: 
    • Students can navigate pages using keyboard controls. For example, they can access page elements using the Tab key.
    • Student pages can be scaled in a browser up to the accessibility standard of 200%.
    • Colors and graphics throughout the student applications have been changed to meet accessibility standards for contrast and readability. These changes included revision of graphs for readability.
    • Page elements have been enhanced to work well with screen reader software.
    • A new accessibility option on the Staff Member Module's Student Details page allows teachers to give students control of captioning and autoplay audio. Students with this option see an accessibility control in the footer of their Read Live student modules.
      • Captioning displays text captions for appropriate audio across the Read Live student modules. 
      • Students with the Autoplay Audio setting can turn the audio that plays on entering student module pages on and off. 
    • Read Live now has a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) reflecting these changes to meet accessibility standards.
  • Simplified network requirements for configuring firewalls and content filtering software:
    • Setup of Read Live access from school networks has been simplified with this release. These changes also address some potential conflicts with student content filters.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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