Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v3.10: Release Notes

Released October 2022


What's New in This Release

The Read Live 3.10 release includes changes to make disabled elements more legible in Word Warm-ups Live. The way word list goals are saved while a student is passing a story or exercise has also been revised. This release adds information to help teachers changing those word list goals in Word Warm-ups Live, and includes revised printed versions of some Word Warm-ups Live exercises. 

This release also updates the versions of Google Chrome supported by Read Live as described in the detailed notes below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a blank page when opening Read Live, or if you cannot see the Waiting List page in the Staff Module, you may need to clear your browser's cache

Specific Changes in This Release

  • The appearance of disabled text in Word Warm-ups Live has been changed to make disabled items more readable. Audio on the Introduction and Look, Listen & Respond pages sometimes refers students to words on those pages that are not yet enabled. This fix lets students read that text more easily during the audio lessons.
  • Word list goals changed during a story or exercise are always applied to the results of that story or exercise.
    • Previously, word list goals changed after a student completed a Pass attempt were not always applied to the results of that attempt. The student Congratulations step and subsequent reports reflected the word list goal from before the change.
    • This change applies to both the Read Naturally Live Phonics series and Word Warm-ups Live.
  • In Word Warm-ups Live, places where a teacher can change student word list goals now describe typical default goals. The number of words in word lists differs by level in the program. The default recommendations reflect those differences.
  • Printed Word Warm-ups Live exercises now consistently match the number of columns and rows in each word list in the application. The layout of word lists in the printed version had sometimes differed from the application.
  • Read Live Assistants have access to a new Conducting a Timed Reading video on their Staff Member Module home page. Several instructional videos are available to help these users work in Read Live.
  • The Word Warm-ups Live Story Practice page's buttons have been renamed to reflect the fact that a student is reading on this page, but not being timed. 
  • Read Live now supports Google Chrome versions 80 and later. 

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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