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Read Live v2.24.0.0 Release Notes: Word Warm-ups Live Level 2

Released September 2021


What's New in This Release

Read Live version includes the release of Word Warm-ups Live Level 2. Level 2 includes eight new sections of phonics instruction about two-syllable words. The interface of Word Warm-ups Live has also been enhanced.

This release also includes a revision to the way Word List graphs are shown in Read Naturally Live's Phonics series. Word List graphs now report a words correct per minute rate for each student timing. The revised graphs are consistent with Word Warm-ups, and agree with other Read Naturally Live graphs in showing students higher bars for improvement over time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a blank page when opening Read Live after this release, you may need to clear your browser's cache

Summary of major new features

  • Word Warm-ups Level 2 includes the following additions: 
    • Level 2 content including the following new sections: 
      • A: Compound Words
      • B: More compound words
      • C: Base words not changed by suffixes
      • D: Base words changed by suffixes
      • E: Words with two syllables
      • F: Closed and open syllables
      • G: Two-syllable words with suffixes
      • H: Words with prefixes
    • Enhanced instructional features:
      • On the Select an Exercise step, changes encourage the completion of lessons in sequence: ​
        • Numbered stars on the page now indicate the preferred order in which students should usually work. 
        • As the student enters a section for the first time, audio directions encourage students to begin with the first lesson.
      • On the Introduction and Look, Listen & Respond steps, a separate window now opens while students hear audio instruction for each word. The windows highlight the phonetics of each word to reinforce the audio lesson. 
      • An instructional lesson now plays as the student enters the Look, Listen & Respond step of each exercise. Each lesson frames the student's approach to the patterns being taught on the page.
      • Word lists involving two-syllable words display the syllable breaks. Students clicking these words during a timing hear a slightly different audio lesson that teaches them the word's syllables independently and then pronounces the word as a whole.
    • Students waiting for a teacher in Word Warm-ups now appear on the Waiting List in the Staff Member Module.
  • Read Naturally Live Word List graphs now report student timings in words correct per minute.
    • The graphs are now consistent with the similar graphs in Word Warm-ups Live.
    • Note that this change does not affect a student's goal in performing a Word List timing. The criteria for passing word lists is based on completing each list in the assigned time from their story options.

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