Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v2.21.0.0 Release Notes

Released August 2021


What's New in The Release

Staff members with the Teacher role can now be added to other staff members' Teams. A Lead Teacher's Team has access to that Lead Teacher's students. They can see those students on the Waiting List, and work with the students on the Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Live–Español pages. They can also print reports for students on the Teams to which they belong.

The Read Naturally Live Phonics series now includes a Spelling step for each story. Students are asked to spell three words related to the story. Passing the step requires a student to spell each word correctly before being shown a model spelling. 

One Minute Reader Live stories are now available to print from the Staff Member Module. The stories can be printed from the One Minute Reader page.

Students who are able to record story hot timings in Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Live–Español can now do so without completing an extra practice timing first. 


If students have problems after this release, including seeing blank pages or seeing the placement process when they have already been placed, they may need to clear the browser's cache


  • The Team feature available in the Staff Module now allows both Read Live Assistants and Teachers to be added to each Team. Read Live Assistants are still limited to helping students using the Waiting List. Teachers, though, gain the ability to work elsewhere with students on the Teams to which they belong. For example, they can place those students using the Staff Member Module, or print reports for students. 
    Teams are based on the Lead Teacher relationship with a student. A Lead Teacher's Team is able to work with that Lead Teacher's students.
  • The new Spelling step in Read Naturally Live Phonics stories is part of the pass requirements for each story. Students are expected to correctly spell three words after hearing them. After one attempt at each word, a student is shown the correct spelling and asked to make any necessary corrections. 
  • One Minute Reader stories can be printed individually or one book at a time. Stories are printed from the One Minute Reader page in the Staff Member Module. 
  • On the Pass/More Practice page in Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Live–Español, the Next button is now always enabled. This change allows students who want to make an immediate recording to do so without completing another practice timing first. 



Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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