Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v2.0: Release notes

Released August 2017


What's New in This Release

IMPORTANT: Read Live 2.0 has changed the way you log in.  

  • Both staff members and students will now access the program from a new home page (, which will take you to separate login pages for students and staff members. You may wish to replace bookmarks to your existing account-specific login page with the new home page URL. (The old URL will automatically redirect to the new home page.)
  • Your existing user ID and password will continue to work with the new release, but you will also need to enter your account number the first time you log in on a device.   

Read Live version 2.0 also includes the following changes:

  • Read Live 2.0 removes the use of Flash technology in the Student Module. Removing Flash improves Read Live’s security rating and ensures the Student Module will not be impacted as web browsers reduce their support of Flash Player. (Flash Player is still required in specific, limited areas of the Teacher Module:  when conducting the placement test for Read Naturally Live, and when conducting an assessment test for Benchmark Assessor Live.)
  • The Student Module is now responsive to changes in screen resolution.
  • We've freshened up the look of the student module and tweaked some specific areas based on your feedback.
  • We’ve fixed miscellaneous issues reported since the previous release.

 System Requirements

Some of Read Live’s minimum software requirements have changed in this release.  The following are the new requirements for changed items. 

  • Mac OS X 10.9 and higher
  • iOS 9.3.5 or later
  • Google Chrome versions 49 and higher
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 45 and higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 11 and higher
  • Apple Safari versions 7 and higher
  • We've dropped the requirement for a specific PDF viewer.  A PDF viewer is required, but it does not have to be Adobe Reader. 

See the full list of current system requirements.

Read Naturally Live iPad App

IMPORTANT: If you are using the Read Naturally Live iPad app, you must upgrade to the latest version for the 2017-2018 school year.

Here are some changes in the new version:

  • Teachers can now test students for placement using the iPad app.  Students who log in without first being placed will be taken automatically to a placement test.  A teacher must be present to place the student.
  • On the Pass/Review Work page, we've added access to the Retell graph and Phonics Word List graph for iPad users (previously, these graphs were available only to desktop users). 
  • We've dropped support of iOS 6 through iOS 8.  Now you must have iOS 9 or later to run the Read Naturally Live iPad app.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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