Troubleshooting Read Live Issues


Read Live: Students hear no audio or receive "connection lost" message



Students have problems connecting to Read Live website and may see the following message:

Sorry! Read Live has run into an unexpected problem.
Please tell your teacher and try again later.

Read Live is hosted on the Amazon Web Services network. Your school or internet provider may be blocking the URLs that our application depends upon. Please contact your Information Technology department, asking them to refer to the Network Requirements section located here for a list of URLs that must be allowed through the Web/Firewall filter. 

Additional Information:

MP3 files must also be allowed. MP3 files are used for audio support in Read Naturally Live and Word Warm-ups Live. To test whether your computer can play MP3 audio files, please click the following link to hear a test audio message: 

If your computer supports MP3 files, you will hear an audio message play; otherwise, you will receive a message from your network stating that MP3 files are being blocked. If that is the case, please request your IT Department to allow MP3 files from: 

There are certain Distance Learning features on Read Naturally Live that allow students to create recordings of a story so that a teacher can listen and score the recording at a later date. Please make sure is allowed through your filter so our application can upload the student recordings to our storage. All items are encrypted and private, ensuring that student recordings are safely and securely stored. 

If your school prioritizes Internet traffic for different websites, consider increasing the priority for these addresses. 

If you are using more than one Internet Service Provider (ISP), then we recommend that you direct all traffic from the above addresses to go through just one of your ISPs. 

If you still experience issues, we recommend trying to load the website from a different network (such as Mobile Hotspot) to determine if the problem lies with your current network or internet provider. 


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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