Troubleshooting Read Live Issues


Read Live: Student exits to Login page after clicking Back button or swiping



A student working in a Read Naturally Live story suddenly returns to the Student Login page. If the student attempts to log in again, the message “You are already logged in; please see your Teacher” displays. The teacher may force the existing student session to end so the student can log in again. In some cases, work completed in the step the student was on was not saved.


The student can return to the Student Login page or to the prior step when any of the following occurs:

  • The student clicks the browser’s Back button (usually a left-pointing arrow at the top of the window).
  • The student clicks the left-side back button on a mouse that has forward and back buttons.
  • The student swipes left or right with two fingers on laptop touchpad or touch-screen devices 

Also, in most browsers, pressing the Backspace key on the keyboard (Delete key on Apple computers) without first clicking inside a text box acts like clicking the browser’s Back button. This action typically returns students to the Student Login page, especially if the student presses the Backspace key multiple times. 


To prevent this problem:

  • Teach students that if they are on the Prediction, Retell, or Quiz written-response steps, they should make sure they click inside the text box before they start typing.
  • Discourage students from clicking the browser Back button or taking any of the actions listed above under "Cause" that can send them accidentally to the Login page.

If students end up on the Login page, they may be able to click the browser Forward button (typically a right-pointing arrow) to return to the step they were working on. If the Forward button is not enabled, a teacher will have to force the existing student session to end so the student can log back in.


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