Troubleshooting Read Live Issues


Read Live: Some students or staff members no longer seem to appear on a list in the Staff Member Module. They were there a minute ago. Where did they go?



The last time the user saw a list in the Read Live Staff Member module, it included more entries. Some of the entries on the list seem to have "disappeared." 


It is possible that some entries on the list have changed so that they should no longer appear on the page. For example, if a list includes only licensed students, some of the students' licenses may have been removed by another user.

The more likely explanation, though, is that the user has applied filters to the list, and/or searched using a personal group. Once filters or groups are used to narrow the list appearing on a given page, those settings remain until the user changes them or logs out of the application. 

For example, on the Student Setup page, an Account Administrator might have applied a filter in the Grade column to see only third grade students. Then she might have used the Search by Group menu to narrow the list to a saved personal group of ESL students. As a result she would see only her ESL students in the third grade. When she returned to the Student Setup page later, the list would still only display that smaller list of students. To see all of the students in the account, the Account Administrator would need to clear the Grade filter and reset the Search by Group menu.


To clear any filters and groups being applied to a list:

  1. Find any columns that display the filter indicator  after the column name.
  2. Click the filter icon  to the left of the name of each filtered column.
  3. Click the Clear Filter button to reset the filters.
  4. Click outside the filter menu to close it.
  5. If a group has been selected in the Search by Group menu, click the X to the right of the group name. 

When a user logs out of the application, filters and group searches are also removed. Clicking Log Out and then returning to the application later will also result in seeing the unfiltered list on any given page.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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