Troubleshooting Read Live Issues


Read Live: Some of the students in my group aren't appearing on a list. Why aren't they there? Where did they go?



I used the Search by Group menu in Read Live to see students in one of my groups on a list. Why are some of the students missing? The list is too short, and does not include all the students in my group.


Not all of the students in the personal group should appear on this page's list based on other criteria. Using the Search by Group menu shows only students who both:

  • would ordinarily appear on the page; and
  • are in the group.

For example, for a Teacher, the Read Naturally Live page lists only licensed students for whom the user is the Lead Teacher. If a Teacher has defined a group that includes some students who do not currently have a license, or if some of the students in the Teacher's group have a different Lead Teacher, those students will not appear on the Read Naturally Live page's list. 


Students' licenses, lead teachers, or other characteristics can be modified to fit the list on a given page, as appropriate.

For a Teacher to manage a student's Read Naturally program or generate reports for the student, they need to be that student's Lead Teacher. If the student has no license, the Teacher could add one, assigning herself as the Lead Teacher. A School Coordinator or Account Administrator could also re-assign a student's existing Lead Teacher. The current Lead Teacher can also make that change. 

If the user needs to be able to see students for whom she or he is not the current lead teacher, consider changing the user's role. School Coordinators, for example, can see all students at their schools, whether or not they are the student's lead teacher.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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