Adapting Read Live in a Distance-Learning Model


Conducting Cold Timings


The Cold Timing step allows students to see how many words they can read correctly in one minute on a new story. Cold timing sets a baseline fluency measure for the story, so the student can see improvement after practicing.

By default, a teacher must be present for the cold timing step. During this step, especially within the first few stories, teachers check to see a student's placement is appropriate and coaches the student to accurately identify their errors.

Note: The Waiting List page allows users with a role of account administrator, school coordinator, teacher, or assistant to see which students are currently waiting for cold and hot timing activities. It allows these users to review the student's Current Story Details report and to Login As the student to conduct Cold Timing or Pass steps.
pointer Learn more about using the Waiting List to help distance learning students​

We recommend a proficient reader be present during the cold timing for the first few stories. This can be the student’s teacher or a parent who has been assigned the Read Live Assistant role. We have detailed instructions for conducting pass activities in a distance-learning model and these same guidelines can be used to support students during cold timings.

Once a student’s lead teacher has checked initial placement and the student can identify their errors with reasonable accuracy, the student can be allowed to complete the Cold Timing step independently.


To reduce teacher/student interactions, particularly in a distance-learning model, the student can be released to do cold timings independently.

To enable students to complete the Cold Timing step independently:
  1. Open the Story Options page from the Staff Member Module.
  2. Under Cold Timing, select Student independent.
  3. Click Save or Save & Close.

You may also want to adjust other options to accommodate specific student needs, or to adapt the program to the specific setting the student is working in.

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