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Audio Examples of Phonics Sounds


You may use this guide to understand pronunciation of the patterns in the exercises and to help you score the Word Warm-ups Live Phonics Assessment.

Consonant Example Audio Demo
b bat
c cut
d dip
f fun
g get
h hat
j jog
k kit
l lip
m mug
n nap
p pet
q quest*
r rid
s sod
t tuck
v van
w wet
x mix**
y yak
z zip
Short Vowel Example Audio Demo
a apple
e elephant
i igloo
o octopus
u umbrella
Digraph Example Audio Demo
sh ship
ch chick
th thumb/the
wh whip
ng ring
Long Vowel Example Audio Demo
a consonant e cake
i consonant e kite
o consonant e rope
u consonant e mule/lute
ai pail
ay say
ea team
ee feet
oa boat
oe toe
ie pie
ye bye
ue due
ui suit
Vowels and r Example Audio Demo
ar jar
or fork
er/ir/ur herd/bird/turn
air, are pair, share
oar soar
ear hear (eer)
ure lure (oor)
Soft and Silent Consonant(s) Example Audio Demo
gn gnome
kn knife
wr wrist
ce/ci/cy cent/circus/cycle
ge/gi/gy gem/giant/gym
Other Vowel Teams Example Audio Demo
au/aw/all haul/hawk/ball
ow/ow/ou show/cow/out
oi/oy soil/toy
oo/ew boot/new
oo/u book/bush

* The letter q says /k/. However, most of the time q is followed by the vowel u. When this occurs, the sound is pronounced /kw/.

** The letter x says /x/ or /ks/. X often comes in the middle or at the end of the word. When this occurs, the sound is pronounced /ks/.


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