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Read Naturally, Inc. Launches Splat-O-Nym, an iPad App to Enhance Students’ Vocabulary

October 2, 2014

SAINT PAUL, MN—Read Naturally, Inc., a Saint Paul-based educational publishing company, released Splat-O-Nym, an iPad app for enhancing vocabulary. Splat-O-Nym helps students learn synonyms, antonyms, and words in context through a series of games designed to be fun and engaging for students of all ability levels.

Splat-O-Nym is one of several Read Naturally products with a strong focus on vocabulary. According to the National Reading Panel report, vocabulary is one of the five essential components of reading development. A broad knowledge of words, as well as the ability to deduce the meanings of unknown words using context clues and other strategies, are key factors in a student’s ability to comprehend text.

Students using Splat-O-Nym are exposed to thousands of useful vocabulary words. The app features four games: Synonym Splat teaches synonyms; Antonym Attack teaches antonyms; Context Contest teaches words in context; and Lightning Round is a fast-paced review of items answered correctly. Students win and lose points based on performance as they move up and down between 24 levels. All activities focus on word meanings and the relationships between words. Audio support is available to teach pronunciation.

Splat-O-Nym differs from other Read Naturally offerings in that it’s truly a game and requires no adult involvement. The app’s content, graphics, scoring system, and ease-of-use make it an appealing option for students who need extra vocabulary support or have a difficult time focusing on learning tasks.

Read Naturally’s team of educators, writers, and programmers developed the app internally. Teacher and student field-testers provided positive feedback on the app’s ability to build vocabulary while keeping students engaged.

Splat-O-Nym and Splat-O-Nym Lite (the free version of the app) are currently available to download from the iTunes store.

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About Read Naturally, Inc.
Read Naturally's research-based programs provide interventions and differentiated instruction for struggling readers of all ages. Since its founding in 1991, Read Naturally has established itself as a pioneer in the industry and has developed a variety of products targeting the essential components of reading instruction.

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