Striving readers need systematic phonics instruction. Word Warm-ups Live was developed to help students improve word recognition, learn to use word patterns to decode rapidly, read words with featured patterns in connected text, decode increasingly difficult phonetically regular words, and reinforce featured phonics skills through spelling. We developed a number of resources to ensure teachers have all the information they need to assess students for Word Warm-ups Live, train students in the program, and implement it successfully. These resources are linked below.

We recently recorded a webinar that covers the importance of decoding and building automaticity, how to assess and match a student’s needs to the right intervention, and how to implement Word Word-ups Live. The presentation also included a demonstration of the Word Warm-ups Live program. Watch the recording of our Word Warm-ups Live Basics Webinar.

Before working in Word Warm-ups Live, students are given a Phonics Assessment to determine the appropriate combination of instructional material to meet their individual needs. Read this detailed article explaining the process for determining Which Read Live Program is Right for Your Students’ Needs. Another article, Assessing for Phonics, will help you understand the different options for determining who needs phonics support.

Once properly assessed and assigned, the students can begin working in Word Warm-ups Live. They choose an exercise and work through a series of steps. Watch a student Working Through A Word List Exercise in Word Warm-ups Live:

The Word Warm-ups Live Fidelity Checklist is also a useful resource to keep handy. Use the Observation Checklist to monitor setup and implementation, and use the Follow-up Questions Checklist to refine the implementation to ensure maximum progress.

Looking for detailed instructions? The Word Warm-ups Live User Guide includes step-by-step instructions for assigning access, opening the program as a student, placing students, section and exercise types, implementing the steps and more. More videos and additional resources are also available on the Read Live Help Page

As always, we’re here to help. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Your success and the success of your students is at the core of our mission.