Read Naturally Live LogoAn update to Read Naturally Live content was released this past weekend (June 20) affecting almost all of the stories in Read Naturally Live. We are committed to improving our program and are pleased to provide you with this refreshed content. 

This update removes the placement passages from the curriculum set for each Sequenced level. New stories in each Sequenced level have replaced the ones that were shared with the placement process. Other minor updates were made to nearly every story across all levels. A list of stories that have been completely revised or replaced can be found in our Read Live Knowledgebase.

As a result, stories not yet completed at the time of the update have been reset and progress students had made in unfinished stories was lost. We apologize for this inconvenience. The data for completed stories was not affected.

IMPORTANT: If images or audio for the old stories continue to appear on new stories, you may need to clear the browser's cache.