A teacher's commitment to doing what was best for her students led to the birth of Read Naturally in 1991. That commitment also meant that as soon as the first versions of the program were available, work continued toward the next. Additions and improvements ensured that struggling and developing readers could benefit from highly effective, research-based solutions built also to support teachers in their important and challenging job. Innovations and developments over more than three decades have continuously enhanced the quality of the tools Read Naturally offers for teachers and students. In addition, Read Naturally remains dedicated to doing right by teachers and students. Our founder, Candyce Ihnot, still works tirelessly along with the rest of the Read Naturally team to strengthen its reading instruction tools and training.

Read Naturally innovation highlights over the last 32 years include these:

  • Read Naturally's founding innovation was Candyce Ihnot combining teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring to create a powerful strategy for helping students quickly improve their reading skills.
  • Read Naturally's unique progress monitoring system was designed to foster intrinsic motivation in reading.
  • Read Naturally developed numerous ways to individualize instruction in a group setting to accelerate reading achievement for each student.
  • Read Naturally's Phonics series introduced a way for students to build fluency and phonics skills at the same time. Each story focuses on specific phonics pattern(s), and phonics skills build incrementally as students progress through these levels.
  • Read Naturally provided the first software intervention (Read Naturally SE) for struggling and developing readers.
  • Word Warm-ups Live and GATE (Group and Tutoring Edition) introduced highly motivating ways to provide systematic, direct phonics instruction.
  • Read Naturally's Idioms series provided a way to teach common American Idioms while building fluency and comprehension. These idioms are interesting for all students and particularly useful for English Language Learners who are unfamiliar with them.
  • Read Naturally added Spanish read alongs to many of its levels and later added Read Naturally Live—Español, a version of Read Live offered in Spanish with the option of English read alongs.
  • Read Live was innovative in its offering of four interventions in one platform to support the five components of reading. Read Naturally Live targets fluency and comprehension and builds vocabulary, with six levels that also teach phonics. Word Warm-ups Live provides direct phonics instruction. One Minute Reader Live is a supportive reading program that students can work in completely independently. Read Naturally Live—Español builds fluency and comprehension in Spanish. Each Read Live license includes full access to all reading programs and levels.

Click on the headings below for additional details about the progression of innovations featured in Read Live, in the Phonics Series, in the Spanish Series, in the Group and Tutoring Edition (GATE), along with some innovations implemented during the pandemic and more that are in development.

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