We've made some changes at www.readnaturally.com and I’d like to share some of the new pages.  If you’re interested in Response to Intervention, Differentiated Instruction, or English Language Learners, you’ll find these resources extremely valuable.
  • Read Naturally and Response to Intervention (RTI)
    On the new Read Naturally and RTI pages, you’ll find a virtual cornucopia of information specific to using Read Naturally in a tiered RTI model.  The new resources cover RTI basics and how Read Naturally’s assessments and intervention programs fit into a multi-tiered model.  You’ll also find links to other useful RTI resources.
  • Read Naturally and Differentiated Instruction
    The new Read Naturally and Differentiated Instruction pages offer specifics on using Read Naturally materials as part of a well developed and differentiated instructional plan.  We’ve included steps for implementation, specifics on how Read Naturally can help, and links to additional information.
  • Read Naturally and English Language Learners (ELLs)
    New Read Naturally and ELL pages include curriculum options, research, and tips for using Read Naturally materials with English Language Learners.  Plus, you’ll find some great information on modifying some of the Read Naturally steps to better suite ELLs.

These resources where designed to help educators better understand how Read Naturally materials fit within an RTI model, are used to differentiate instruction, and can help English Language learners.  We hope you find them helpful, and we certainly appreciate your feedback.