Think back to the beginning of the school year. What did your struggling readers sound like? How was their fluency and comprehension? Now think about these readers today. Do they read more confidently? Have they made significant gains?

We hope your struggling readers have made great strides this year using Read Naturally programs. End-of-year reports are an effective way to communicate and celebrate your students’ improvement.

Read Live offers a built-in reporting system with printable results, and Encore users can organize student graphs to show improvement made throughout the year. Specific guidelines, available in the Knowledgebase section of our website, will help you interpret these graphs and reports to accurately communicate progress. Click here for guidelines on how to interpret Read Live data. Click here for guidelines on how to interpret Encore data.

Analyzing this end-of-year data will allow you to accurately gauge and communicate the effectiveness of your program. Additionally, these reports will provide your students with tangible proof of how hard they worked this year. Ideally, understanding this progress will motivate them to continue reading throughout the summer.

If you have additional questions or need more information, visit the How To topics on our website, or contact us at or 800-788-4085.