Teacher working on curriculum with student Have you changed your instructional materials recently? Most educators have, thanks in large part to the Common Core. Studies show that 82% of math teachers and 72% of English/Language Arts teachers have changed at least half their materials since the Common Core went into effect just three years ago.

Finding Common Core-aligned materials isn’t always easy. In fact, a new study found that teachers who were surveyed are mainly relying on materials created by themselves or by district colleagues. Free online platforms like EngageNY and LearnZillion are serving as useful hubs for sharing these materials. Developing materials takes a lot of time and effort, and we commend the teachers who work diligently to create high-quality materials and lessons—in addition to everything else they do in their busy profession!

What about the materials offered by educational publishing companies? Can teachers be confident that they are truly aligned with the Common Core? We at Read Naturally have worked hard to ensure our materials address the Common Core. We revised the latest copyright editions of Read Naturally Encore, Read Naturally Live, and Read Naturally GATE specifically for Common Core alignment. Our newest program, Funēmics®, was developed to meet all the Phonological Awareness standards. All of our stories are high interest, nonfiction—another emphasis of the Common Core. And that’s far from all. Click here to see the multiple ways our various programs align with the Common Core.

Read Naturally materials are created by educators, tested in real classrooms, and endlessly revised and refined to ensure they’re high quality for teachers and students alike. Passionate, hardworking educators have put thousands of hours into making these materials as effective as possible. When you choose Read Naturally, you’re addressing your Common Core needs—and more importantly, you’re opening up a brighter future for your students. Check out our website to learn more.