Each of the six levels of the One Minute Reader iPad Apps now contains eight books instead of five. That’s 90 more stories and 60% more content! And the best part, it’s still the same price. Take that, inflation.

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One Minute Reader GraphThe additional content means more students can work in the same level on the same device, enabling up to eighteen more students to share the same iPad. Here are just a few of the great titles being added to an already great lineup:

  • Fantastic Foods in Level E
  • Bugs in Levels 1 & 2
  • Champions of Justice in Level 3
  • Cool Creatures in Level 4
  • Who Said It? In Level 5

If you currently own the One Minute Reader Apps, all the new content is available through the latest update at no additional charge.  

Speaking of fantastic educational technology, did you know Read Naturally has four different tools accessible on iPad? You may be aware of One Minute Reader and Read Naturally Live, but have you heard about Funēmics® and Splat-O-Nym? With so many choices and levels available, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for to help your students succeed