Classroom Management: Encore or Masters Edition (ME)


1. Do you have any tips for setting up the students’ work folders?

Prepare a folder for each student. If you number each folder and number the timers, students can quickly locate their assigned timers (and you can quickly inventory the timers at the end of the period). 

Each student’s folder should contain the following:

  • Stories/comprehension questions
  • Graphs
  • Glossary
  • Red/green pouch, pencils, and reading guide
  • Paper or notebook (levels 5.6 and above)

Attach the story/question pages (printed back and front) to the right side of the folder. Read Naturally folders include self-adhesive, pronged fasteners so that you can easily attach the stories. Hole-punch the stories at the top; otherwise the word count numbers on the side may be punched through. As a student selects a story, the student can undo the pronged fastener, put the selected story on the top of the stack, and redo the pronged fastener.

A student should have the greatest selection possible when choosing a story, but there is a good reason for placing just 12 stories in a student’s folder (either the 12 odd-numbered stories or the 12 even-numbered stories). Each audio CD has the audio for one odd-numbered story and one even-numbered story (e.g., stories 1 & 2 are on CD#1, stories 3 & 4 are on CD#2, stories 5 & 6 are on CD#3, etc.).  By grouping the printed stories into odd or even, CDs can be shared among several students working at the same level.  If a student has the 12 odd-numbered stories in his/her folder, that student potentially has 12 CDs available that have an odd-numbered story.

Put the student’s graph in the left-hand folder pocket, or attach the graph on the right-hand side of the folder under the stories. If you put the graph under the stories on the right-hand side of the folder, print it on colored paper for easy identification.

The glossary, red/green pouch, pencils, reading guide, etc. can be placed in the pocket on the left-hand side of the folder.

See the Read Naturally Encore Teacher’s Manual for more detailed information about setting up student folders.

2. I often have students who do their cold reading and end up disappointed because another student has the audio CD for that story. Do you have any suggestions?

Typically, students must get the audio CD before beginning a story, because the first step is to listen to the key words. However, if a student is making good progress, and the teacher has directed the student to just read the key words and their definitions (without reading along with the audio CD), it is possible the student could have invested time in the Key Words and Prediction steps of the story and then become disappointed when the CD was not available. 

Train your students to select a story and then immediately go get the corresponding audio CD. If a classmate is already using that audio CD, the student can select a different story. If appropriate, you can offer to reserve the CD for the student when it becomes available.


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