Merged Read Live Accounts


1. What happens to my students’ data in a merge?

All student data is preserved during a merge. It is simply transferred from one account to another. After the merge, you need to access your students’ data through the new account ID.

2. What happens to the original accounts?

The account that was selected as the master account remains active. During the merge process, the data from the other accounts is transferred into the master account. Once the merge is complete, all users (students and staff members) must access Read Live through the master account ID. All of the other accounts are deactivated.  

3. Will our user IDs and passwords remain the same after a merge?

In most cases, yes.

However, user IDs need to be unique. When accounts that are being merged contain duplicate user IDs (for example, when both Account A and Account B have a user with the user ID “JDoe”), only the user at the master account retains the user ID.

The user ID from the other account is changed automatically by the system. After merging accounts, Read Naturally provides the Main Account Contact with a list of any user IDs that were changed. 

Even when the system changes user IDs, passwords and other user data remain unchanged.

4. What happens to the account administrators of the original accounts?

All Account Administrators still have Account Administrator access to the combined account in Read Naturally Live.

If you choose to restrict their access to only a specific set of students (for example, to change them from an Account Administrator to a Teacher), you must change their role and/or school association within the combined account. This can be done from the Staff Member Administration page.

5. Why does our combined account have duplicates?

Since each separate account had its own school(s) and staff member(s) before the merge, the combined account may have duplicate schools and staff members. The administrator of the combined account may need to redistribute access and reassign students to make sure it accurately reflects your organization.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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