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Webinar Video: Word Warm-ups for mastery and automaticity in decoding (443 Views)
This webinar provides an overview of Word Warm-ups, a quick, timed, mostly independent program for developing mastery and automaticity in decoding skills.
Webinar Video: Signs for Sounds: Spelling by the numbers (347 Views)
Learn how spelling instruction helps reading development, which words to teach, strategies for teaching spelling, and how to use spelling assessments.
Webcast Video: Introduction to Take Aim! at Vocabulary (699 Views)
A well-developed vocabulary is essential for reading success. This webinar discusses the research-based word-learning strategies used in Take Aim! at Vocabulary and walks through the program steps that improve students' vocabulary and comprehension.
Webinar Video: Funēmics: Phonemic awareness in 3D (710 Views)
This webinar provides an overview of Funēmics, a program that uses digital interaction, nursery rhymes, movement, and song to teach phonemic awareness.
Webinar Video: How Read Naturally develops true reading fluency (444 Views)
Learn the difference between reading fluency and reading rate, the key components in fluency, and how the Read Naturally Strategy teaches these components.
Webcast Video: What we need to know about reading fluency (2352 Views)
Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., presents an overview of reading fluency, including a definition of fluency and current research on the importance of fluency, how to assess fluency, and how to teach fluency.
Webinar Video: Expand your toolbox with instructional apps (376 Views)
Learn to evaluate instructional apps with the help of rubrics, checklists, tools, and websites, and select ones that harness the positive power of technology.
Webcast Video: Word Warm-ups overview (596 Views)
Learn how Word Warm-ups supports the continued reading development of students. Word Warm-ups is a quick, timed, independent phonics program for developing mastery and automaticity in the decoding of words with common phonics patterns.
Webcast Video: Using RTI data for effective decision-making (466 Views)
Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D., discusses the importance of collecting data, especially in a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. She explains how to use reading assessments effectively and efficiently, and how to use the data to inform decisions about student instruction.
Webcast Video: Read Naturally & Response to Intervention (2382 Views)
Learn how Read Naturally assessments provide the necessary data for decision-making in an RTI model, and how Read Naturally programs can be used as practice for students served in Tier 1 and as effective interventions with students served in Tier 2 and Tier 3 in an RTI model.

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