English Language Learners

Adapting the Retelling or Summarizing Step

The Read Naturally Strategy programs—Read Naturally Live, Read Naturally Encore, and Read Naturally ME—include a retelling or summarizing step in which students write about the story. This benefits all students but is especially important for expanding the language skills of ELL students. Consider providing additional language support for ELL students by adapting the retelling step.

An ELL student can benefit from retelling the information from the story orally instead of in writing. The student has the opportunity to express ideas in English and use the vocabulary from the story. The teacher has an opportunity to define difficult words, explain misconceptions, and assess whether the student understood the story.

Another option is to replace the Retell step with a vocabulary activity. A student selects words underlined during the cold reading (to review a student's difficult words in Read Naturally Live, click the Teacher menu and choose Review Work), looks up the words in the dictionary, and writes the definitions of the words as they were used in the story. Finally, the student writes original sentences using the words.

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