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Word Warm-ups example: Series overview


The following skills are taught in each Word Warm-ups level. The exercises included in this sample are from Word Warm-ups 1 Green Exercises Section I, Word Warm-ups 2 Brown Exercises Section F, Word Warm-ups 3 Black Exercises Section G.

One-Syllable Words

Blue Exercises

Section A: Letter names and sounds of the consonants and short vowels
Section B: Words with short vowels
Section C: Words with sh, ch, th, wh, or ng (consonant digraphs)
Section D: Words ending with two consonants (consonant blends)
Section E: Words beginning with two or more consonants (consonant blends)

Green Exercises

Section F: Words with long vowels and silent e
Section G: Words with long vowels with vowel pairs
Section H: Words with one vowel followed by r
Section I: Words with the less common sounds of consonants
Section J: Words with other sounds of vowels


Two-Syllable Words

Yellow Exercises

Section A: Compound words with short vowels, consonant digraphs, and beginning and ending consonant blends
Section B: Compound words with long vowels and silent e, long vowel pairs, one vowel followed by r, less-common sounds of consonants, and other sounds of vowels

Orange Exercises

Section C: Two-syllable word patterns including compound words, words with two or three consonants between two vowels (VCCV, VCCCV), one vowel followed by r, long vowel pairs, and other sounds of vowels
Section D: Two-syllable word patterns with short and long vowel words that end in l-e, short and long vowel words with one medial consonant (VC/V, V/CV)

Brown Exercises

Section E: Words with suffixes –s, -es, -ing, -er, -ed, -ed /t/, -ed /d/, and -ed syllable
Section F: Words with prefixes re-, un-, dis-, mis-, and de-


Multisyllabic Words

Tan Exercises

Section A: Common prefixes re-, un-, dis-, mis-, de-, non-, in-, pre-, pro-, en-, im-, over-, em-, under-, a-
Section B: Common suffixes -able, -less, -ible, -ful, -ness, -tion, -en, -ment, -ly, -sion, -ture, -ist, -ty, -est, -ary
Section C: Additional prefixes ab-, be-, per-, sub-, trans-, ad-, con-, com-, fore-, ex-, anti-, inter-, mid-, semi-, super-

Silver Exercises

Section D: Additional suffixes –age, -ic, -ate, -ize, -ish, -ism, -ous, -ity, -ent, -ant, -cial, -tial, -ance, -ence, -sive, -tive
Section E: Open/Closed syllables
Section F: Syllables with the schwa sound

Black Exercises

Section G: Latin roots urb, stat, mem, voc, ped, pop, spec, dic, fig, form, ject, vis, mis, cred, rupt, flec, pal, man, junct, struct, ven, bene, cap, script, fac, duc, scend, tract, fract, vor
Section H: Greek roots graph, scope, astro, phon, hydro, sphere, hemi, bio, photo, geo, syn, tele, pod, meter, auto, ology, micro, hyper, chron, macro, biblio, thermo, para, mech, psycho, mono, logue, ortho, phys, the

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