Word Warm-ups Step-by-Step Example


Word Warm-ups 3 example: Black exercise 4 — Lesson


Each section includes three to six lesson exercises.

In the lesson and review exercises, students read two rows of flashcards that appear above the columns of words. The flashcards include the featured prefixes, suffixes, syllables, or roots and students read them multiple times independently until they can read them automatically. By building automaticity with the featured syllables first, students are able to quickly recognize them in the words in the table. This encourages decoding syllable by syllable.

Below the flashcards is a table with five columns of words. The words in each column share a common prefix, suffix, syllable pattern, or root. The student first does a cold timing reading the words. Then, he or she reads along as the narrator pronounces each syllable—and then the whole word—in each column of words. The student then stops the CD and practices the words.

Students complete Steps 1–7 for lesson exercises.

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