Word Warm-ups Step-by-Step Example


Word Warm-ups 3 example: Black exercise 1 — Introduction


The five types of exercises for Word Warm-ups 3 are the same as for Word Warm-ups 1 and 2.

The introduction exercise extends phonemic awareness by presenting several words with illustrations that represent the featured prefixes, suffixes, syllables, or roots for the section. The featured prefixes, suffixes, syllables, or roots are in bold letters in the sample words. The words are presented again in a box at the bottom of the page without the featured parts in bold print.

In the audio instruction, the narrator directs the student to look at the words under each illustration. The narrator pronounces each syllable phonetically and then pronounces the word again without the syllable breaks. The narrator provides an introduction to the content that will presented throughout the section. Then the student is directed to stop the CD and read the words in the box independently.

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