Word Warm-ups Step-by-Step Example


Word Warm-ups 2 example: Brown exercise 11 — Introduction


The five types of exercises for Word Warm-ups 2 are the same as for Word Warm-ups 1; however, the two- and three-syllable words in Word Warm-ups 2 have spaces separating the syllables in the introduction and lesson exercises to support students as they learn to decode the words.  The spaces are removed in the review and challenge exercises.  The text and audio for each exercise follows the same format as Word Warm-ups 1 but with two- and three-syllable words. 

Students complete Step 1 for introduction exercises.  Students complete Steps 1–7 for lesson, review, story, and challenge exercises.

The introduction exercise emphasizes phonemic awareness by presenting several example words with illustrations that represent the featured sounds for the section.  The audio instruction directs the student to look at the words next to each illustration.  The narrator emphasizes the featured sound in each word, and students are directed to read along as the words are pronounced.

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