Adapting Read Live in a Distance-Learning Model


Using Google for Education with Read Live


If your school or district is using Google for Education, you and your students should have access to the tools that will enable you to work together in a distance-learning model. In Read Live, students work through many of the program steps on their own. You can use Google Meet and, optionally, Google Remote Desktop when teachers and students need to collaborate, such as for placement and the Pass step.


Your school or district may already be using Google for Education tools, such as Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Chromebooks. Google provides good options for teacher-student collaboration in Read Live because of useful features such as:

  • Sharing a screen with another user (Google Meet, Google Classroom)
  • Controlling another computer remotely (Google Remote Desktop)

Google tools are compatible with all Read Live platforms, including Windows computers, Mac OS computers, iPads, and Chromebooks.


Using Remote Access to Complete Pass Activities

To complete the Pass step, teachers will be required to not only view the student’s screen but also to control it to initiate the pass timing, enter errors and expression scores, as well as evaluate the student’s quiz, retell, or word list scores.

To share screens, use Google Meet. To control the student’s screen, you’ll need to also use Google Remote Desktop:
pointer Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop 

Check with your IT Support to determine whether you and your students will be able to use Remote Desktop in your current configurations.
pointer Learn more about using remote access to complete pass activities

Conducting Pass Activities if Unable to Control the Student’s Screen

If you are unable to perform remote access, you can still conduct the pass activities while using a screen sharing program like Google Meet, but it requires a few extra steps. The student will need to log out at the appropriate time. The teacher will then log in as the student and share their screen with the student.
pointerLearn more about what to do if you are unable to control a student’s device

Note: Google Meets now allows you to share audio with your Read Naturally Live screen. To take advantage of this new feature, you will need to present an individual Chrome tab during a Meets session. When you present a tab, it will be highlighted so you can clearly see which one you’re presenting. The audio playback only works when you share an individual tab in Chrome on desktop devices (and not when sharing desktop or screen). For more information, see this Google Update.



Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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