Take Aim Small-Group Format Teacher Responsibilities


Take Aim Small-Group Format: Planning and setting up


Effective implementation of the Take Aim at Vocabulary program requires proper planning and setup, which involves preparing a schedule, gathering materials, and preparing to teach the training lesson.


There are four lessons and various additional activities in each unit. The sections of each lesson are grouped so a lesson can be completed in three 30–45 minute class periods. However, when a group does not complete the work in a day’s lesson plan within the class period, the teacher can stop mid-lesson and resume the lesson later. Read Naturally recommends using Take Aim five days a week in periods of 30–45 minutes each day.


Take Aim works well in a variety of settings:

Regular Classroom: Instruction or Enrichment The regular classroom teacher works with groups of students to extend core program vocabulary instruction or to provide enrichment.
Regular Classroom: Intervention The regular classroom teacher works with groups of students to provide reading/vocabulary intervention
Reading Lab/Resource Room Another teacher works with groups of students who come to a reading lab or resource room for reading/vocabulary intervention.


To use Take Aim, you will need the following program materials and additional materials.

Program Materials
Take Aim Group Format Resource CD Teacher's Resource CD
The teacher’s resource CD contains introductory information about the small-group format of Take Aim, teacher responsibilities, lesson plans, and electronic files of all materials that can be reproduced and/or projected for group implementation.
Take Aim Textbooks Unit Textbooks
The unit textbooks are the books students use when working in Take Aim lessons. The small-group format includes six copies of each unit textbook. Each unit textbook includes four lessons and a glossary. Each lesson has a nonfiction story and several questions. The unit textbooks in Take Aim are not consumable, so students should not write in them.
Assessment Forms Audio CDs
Each unit textbook has a corresponding audio CD. The small-group format includes six copies of each audio CD to use with the unit textbooks. Each audio CD features three recordings of each story in the unit, which correspond to the three appearances of the story in each lesson. Each audio CD also includes all 24 target words and their definitions, all glossary words and their definitions, additional vocabulary lessons, and instructions. Superscript track numbers throughout the unit textbook indicate which sections or words have audio support.
Dictation Form Storage Box
Each Take Aim level includes a convenient storage box that holds the unit textbooks and photocopies of student mini-packets and related materials. The lid of each box becomes a second storage container.
Additional Materials
Audio CD Player Audio CD Players
You will need an audio CD player with speakers when teaching your students how to use the program. Each student who needs audio support to complete the Take Aim lessons needs access to an audio CD player and must be able to work on this equipment alone. Ideally, each of these students should have a CD player at his or her workstation. You will need a power source for each audio CD player, such as batteries or an AC adapter.

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Headphones Earphones/Headphones
Each student who uses the audio support needs headphones. Headphones are very important for ensuring that students hear the audio recordings clearly. Headphones also reduce the sounds of the other students reading along with the audio.

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Student Folder Student Folders
Each student needs a folder for storing his or her target graphs sheet, unit steps list, scores summary, and student mini-packet in which he or she is working.

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Reading Guide Reading Guides
Reading guides are transparent pieces of plastic with a straight edge that students can use to help their eyes track words across a line of text.

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