Signs for Sounds Teacher Responsibilities


Signs for Sounds: Communicating with students & parents


Communicating with students and parents/guardians is an important teacher responsibility. In addition to promoting support at home and addressing questions and concerns, communication fosters a sense of teamwork. Signs for Sounds includes tools to help encourage communication with parents/guardians, including a letter to parents/guardians, Super Fantastic Speller Awards, and score sheets.

  • Letter to parents/guardians: When a student begins working in Signs for Sounds, it is helpful to send home a letter that explains the program so that parents/guardians are involved from the beginning. A blackline master of this letter is available in each Signs for Sounds Blackline Masters book.
  • Super Fantastic Speller Award: Keep parents involved as students work in the program by sending home the lesson forms and dictation forms as students complete each lesson (bundle together a number of completed lessons, and send home the packet). You can use the Super Fantastic Speller Award as a cover letter and include comments about the student's progress. A blackline master of this award is available in each Signs for Sounds Blackline Masters book.
  • Score sheet: When students finish a Signs for Sounds level, you can send home their individual score sheets. Students can share their scores and celebrate their progress with parents/guardians.

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