Adapting Read Live in a Distance-Learning Model


Screen sharing and remote-access tools


There are several free programs that allow you to share as well as give or request remote access to, or control of, another person’s screen. This is important for teachers when they are ready to conduct a cold timing or pass activities on the student’s device in Read Live. Once the pass activities have been completed, the teacher can relinquish control over the student’s computer. Please be sure to review your district’s policies regarding parental consent, where necessary. Zoom, Google Chrome Remote Desktop, and Microsoft Teams are programs that work well for screen sharing and remote access:

Google Chrome Remote Desktop
Microsoft Teams

Another important consideration is how students will indicate to their teacher that they are ready for teacher’s attention. In the classroom, students can simply raise their hand. For distance learning, teacher and student should agree on a method, whether that be a phone call, text, chat or other digital messaging application. If you’re using the Zoom application referenced above and you have an open session, students can use a virtual raised hand to indicate they require attention or initiate a chat session with the teacher.

Using Zoom, Google for Education, and Microsoft Teams for Remote Access

We are recommending Zoom for most situations as an effective solution for working with students remotely and conducting pass activities. If your school or district uses Google for Education, you can also use Google Meet and Google Remote Desktop to work with students in a distance-learning model. Microsoft Teams is also a good option for many schools.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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