Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v2.11.0.0 Release Notes: Read Naturally Live – Español

Released January 2021


What's New in This Release

The Read Live release includes a new Read Naturally Live–Español series of Spanish-language stories in Read Naturally Live (RNL). The new series, as well as a supporting interface entirely in Spanish, are available to all Read Live users at no additional cost.


  • The entire interface of Read Naturally Live has been translated into Spanish for use with the new stories. RNL–Español stories include text; audio content and directions; and user interface elements in Spanish. Students can work through the entire story process in Spanish.
  • This initial release includes four levels (Español 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5) of Spanish content. Nearly all of the stories in the new levels match corresponding stories in the existing English-language Sequenced levels. Each level includes 24 Spanish stories with supporting elements like key words, vocabulary, quiz questions. 
  • As of this release, students can be in either an English or a Spanish series in Read Naturally Live at any given time. In the near future, a stand-alone Read Naturally Live–Español application will allow students to be assigned to both English and Español series at the same time.

Important Basics

  • To assign students to a Read Naturally Live–Español level, teachers use the Read Naturally Live page in the Staff Member module. The Edit button under the Assignment column lets a staff member choose a new Series for each student. Spanish-language stories are in the new Español series:
  • Because students can only be assigned to one English or Spanish series at a time, assigning a student to the Español series will remove any assignment to a Read Naturally Live Sequenced, Idioms, or Phonics series. A Student's Story Options are also shared between the two languages. In the future, these limitations will be removed.
  • The Teacher Menu in the student module is in English. The Pass/Review Work and Remedial Actions pages are available in both Spanish and English. 
  • Printouts made from the application are in English.
  • The Pass/Review Work and Remedial Actions pages can be viewed in either English or Spanish as needed. A toggle control on the upper-right of the page allows the user to move easily between languages as they review a student's performance.
  • The translated user interface includes recently-introduced Distance Learning features. For example, students can use a Spanish interface to save recordings while waiting to pass a story.
  • The RNL–Español interface plays Spanish audio directions by default as a student moves through a story. To hear English instructions for any page, a student can click the EN? icon on the bottom of a page.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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