Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v2.10.0.0: Release Notes

Released December 2020


What's New in This Release

The Read Live release includes enhancements to help students use Read Live in distance learning:

  • Read Live now allows students to log into the application without a teacher's assistance when a previous session has not been properly closed.
  • In Read Naturally Live, students saving a recorded timing on the Pass/Recording page can now click their last word read to see a words-per-minute score. They will be prompted to try again if their timing does not meet their goal reading rate.

Summary of Specific Changes

Opening a new student session when a previous session was not properly closed:

If a student fails to click Log Out at the end of a Read Live session, that session remains open for a period. For example, this happens when a student closes a browser tab. Students can not log in until the previous session is closed. In distance learning settings, those open sessions have become an obstacle to student work. 

Read Live now allows students to log into the application without a staff member's help, including when a previous session was not properly closed. Students who enter their Account ID, User ID, and Password in this situation will be allowed to enter Read Live. Their previous session will be closed in the process.

Important notes:

  • It is possible for a student to be accidentally logged out of Read Live if someone else logs in using the student's User ID and Password. 
  • It is important to communicate with students about the process of conducting remote timings. When teachers use Login As in the Read Live Staff Module, they are opening a new student session. A teacher could therefore accidentally interrupt a student who is trying to make a saved recording of a hot timing. When using Login As, the teacher can be logged out if a student logs into the software at the same time. 

Clicking the Last word on the Pass/Recording page to see a words-per-minute score:

The Pass/Recording page introduced in Read Live 2.9 allows students to save recordings for their teachers to review later. 

To help students understand their performance, the page now finishes 1- or 2-minute timings by asking the student to click the last word they read. For all recorded timings, the page also displays a words-per-minute (WPM) score for the last saved recording. If a student's WPM score is below their goal reading rate, an audio message suggests that the student try again. 

Important notes:

  • A student's WPM estimate is not available to a staff member conducting a timing later using the same recording. The teacher still needs to use the recording itself to hear the student's errors, assign an Expression score, and confirm the reading rate. 
  • Students are not prevented from leaving recordings for the teacher when they have not apparently met their goal reading rate.


  • As of the release, Read Live will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. 

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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