March is National Reading Month, a time to celebrate reading. As a literacy company, reading celebrations are our favorite! In honor of National Reading Month, we polled the Read Naturally staff to find out why they love reading. We hope their responses will inspire you and your students to spend some time enjoying a good book together!  

The first question to our staff was, “What do you love most about reading?” 

Here are some responses: 

"I like learning about things and/or seeing things from a different perspective. I enjoy reading much more since being in school. There isn't the stress and pressure."  ~Christy, Account Specialist 

"Reading allows me to focus and tune out all the chaos of the world." ~Marc, CEO 

"I love getting to know the characters in books and learning about different cultures, communities, and historical events through their stories. I also love books that stretch my imagination and make me curious about concepts I'd never considered before. I don't think I appreciated reading as much in school as I do now, because now I get to read purely for enjoyment."  ~Anne, Writer 

"I love the voyage my imagination can embark on when reading." ~Melissa, Customer Service 

"Reading opens up the world for me. Sometimes it entertains me, sometimes it enlightens me, and often it does both." ~Karen, Director of Curriculum 

We also asked the Read Naturally staff what they enjoy about reading with their children or grandchildren. Here is what they had to say:

"Reading aloud at bedtime is wonderful. I miss some of the voices who did that for me." ~Ian, IT Team 

"I loved the routine of getting the kids ready for bed and reading a book or two before tucking them in. As they got older, I loved reading chapter books with them and discussing the plot, characters, and theme. I now get to enjoy bedtime snuggles and reading with my 9-month-old grandson. There is nothing better!"  ~Michelle, Assistant Director of Curriculum 

"I love having them close to me and sharing a story. I love listening to their opinions and questions." ~Claire, Teacher Trainer

"Reading every night to my kids has, I think, been one of the best things I've ever done as a parent. It provides an opportunity to learn new things and experience the world in new ways. It is a tool to help them continue to grow and be better humans." ~Dan, Director of Operations 

"Enjoying books with children is one of the great joys of life. Hearing a toddler ask for a favorite story again and again shows their love of reading from an early age." ~Sarah Jane, Director of Research and Professional Learning Materials 

"I love when my kiddos make the connection of something that happened in a book to something in real life. Seeing that "click" and light shine in their eyes is so fun to watch." ~Jenna, Customer Service 

What did we miss? Why do you love reading? Please share in the comments!