Over the past couple of years, we've made a number of important enhancements to Read Live. We've added new programs, new content, and new features with the intention of helping as many students as possible succeed. All Read Live users have access to these programs and enhancements at no additional cost. Are you aware of everything available to you as a Read Live user?

Here's a summary what's new in Read Live since 2021:

Experts in the Science of Reading recommend explicit, systematic phonics instruction for all students learning to read. Our research-based Word Warm-ups Live program delivers just that. It's fun for students to use and straightforward for teachers to administer. Since 2021, we've added two additional levels of content to Word Warm-ups Live, making this program suitable for students in first through fifth grade. Level 2 includes eight sections of phonics instruction about two-syllable words. Level 3, just released this fall, includes seven sections of phonics instruction about multisyllabic words.

Additionally, we've added a new Level Report that enables teachers to review student performance across all the exercises in one or more levels. We've added a Scope and Sequence document that describes each exercise in every section of Word Warm-ups Live, indicating the patterns being taught. We've revised content; we've given teachers the ability to print student exercises from the Staff Module; we've adjusted scoring ranks; and more. Toggle over to Word Warm-ups Live to see what's new!

In March 2021, we released One Minute Reader Live as a new component of Read Live, available at no additional cost to all Read Live users. One Minute Reader Live is an independent supplemental reading program for developing readers. It provides passages at a mid-first-grade through a mid-fifth-grade reading level and uses the powerful Read Naturally Strategy. This program enables students to work completely independently and is ideal for students to use right away at the beginning of the school year; during independent reading time; and at home. We initially released this program with six books at each level and recently added two more new books to each level. We also added a short answer question and crossword puzzles. As of June 2022, One Minute Reader Live is assigned to all students by default, so teachers can easily get students started in this program. What could be better for independent work time than a highly effective and enjoyable reading tool? Check it out!

January 2021 saw the launch of Read Naturally Live—Español. Students in this program work through all the same steps as Read Naturally Live, but with the story text and screen elements in Spanish. It's ideal for multilingual learners who need to develop their literacy skills, as well as for native English speakers learning to read Spanish text fluently. We initially released Spanish translations of all Read Naturally Live content (story text, audio content and directions, user interface, etc.) for levels 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5. Since that time, we've added levels 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, and 5.6. Enhancements to Read Naturally Live—Español since its release include the ability for students to be assigned to both Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Live—Español at the same time, and the ability for teachers to assign a fixed Read Along speed to any number of required Read Alongs. If you have multilingual learners in need of reading support, or if you're working with students learning Spanish as a second language, take advantage of this powerful program!

Read Naturally Live has also been enhanced to work consistently with other programs in the Read Live suite. For example, new story options give teachers more flexibility in tailoring the program to individual students' needs. Teachers can now assign a fixed Read Along speed regardless of the number of required Read Alongs. Also, teachers can now turn the Spelling step off or on for specific students working in the Phonics series. We've also improved students' navigation between Read Naturally Live and all the programs of the Read Live suite. This feature works well if, for example, students begin working on phonics in Word Warm-ups Live and then move to Read Naturally Live for fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension practice.

Features to Support At-Home Learning 

When schools across the country switched to remote learning, Read Live responded by making it easier than ever to administer this program in a distance-learning format. These features make the program flexible for use in the home during the school year and over the summer. We introduced a waiting list for students ready to be passed on their story, and we also added the option for students to record their hot timings so teachers could listen and score them later. Additionally, we've added a Team feature that allows Read Live Assistants to work with students on the Waiting List. Staff members can now be added to other staff members' teams to work with additional students and print reports. All of these new features also allow for increased flexibility in the classroom setting.

Read Live also supports Single Sign-on with Classlink, Clever, and Google Classroom to make sign-on a breeze for students no matter where they are.

Clearly, our team has been busy making sure Read Live meets the diverse needs of students in need of reading support. And our work is never complete! Stay tuned for even more exciting enhancements to come.

If you're not currently a Read Live user but know a student who could benefit from our research-based, high-quality reading solutions, get started today. We offer a 60-day FREE trial of Read Live to new users, which gives you complete access to all four programs within Read Live to try with as many students as you'd like.