Student training is an important part of any curriculum implementation. Investing the time to teach students how to properly use a program will lead to much better results in the long-term. That’s why we’ve created A Student’s Guide to Word Warm-ups Live. This free resource makes student training easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

A Student’s Guide to Word Warm-ups Live is a five-part series in which students watch detailed training videos and then complete corresponding hands-on activities. In each video, a different set of Word Warm-ups Live steps is demonstrated at a pace that is easy for students to follow. After watching a video, students log in to Word Warm-ups Live and complete the steps demonstrated. The videos can be viewed as many times as necessary for students to develop a full understanding of the steps.

This student training option is easy for educators and assistants alike to administer. Parents supporting the use of Word Warm-ups Live at home would also benefit from viewing these videos to better understand what is expected of students at each step in the process.

The printable implementation guide contains detailed instructions for using this resource and is a great place to start. Please note that you need to enroll, license, and place your students before showing these videos to them.

Once your students have been properly trained, they’ll be ready to build mastery and automaticity in phonics and decoding with Word Warm-ups Live.

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