Do you explicitly teach spelling as part of your English Language Arts curriculum? According to literacy experts and well-conducted studies, you should. Spelling improves both reading and writing, and explicit, formal instruction is the most effective way to address it.

Literacy expert Tim Shanahan outlines the many benefits of formal spelling instruction in his article, Should We Teach Spelling? Responding to a reader question about the merits of spelling instruction, he concludes: “Yes, I would teach spelling and I would invest in professional development and instructional materials that would support my teachers teaching spelling.”

We recommend Shanahan’s article for a compelling answer to the question of whether to teach spelling. But another, equally important question, is how to teach spelling. Finding the right instructional materials is key.

Read Naturally invested lots of research into this question, and we’re very proud of the end result. Our spelling program, Signs for Sounds, uses research-based methods to build proficiency in spelling while reinforcing reading skills. The methods employed in Signs for Sounds are highly motivating and highly effective. Click here for details on how it works. We offer free samples of this popular program, and it sells for the one-time low cost of just $69 per level.

As you think about your English Language Arts program for the next school year, we hope you incorporate spelling instruction. Please get in touch if we can answer any questions about spelling or the Signs for Sounds program.