What makes Sherlock Holmes such a great detective? Many would say it’s his remarkable attention to detail: Holmes doesn't just climb a set of stairs; he knows exactly how many steps there are. Others would credit his ability to infer: Holmes is a master at interpreting subtle hints. And what about the way he connects information? Holmes can always piece together the clues needed to solve his case.

Attention to detail, inference, making connections… Are these concepts starting to sound familiar? Who knew mystery-solving skills had so much in common with reading comprehension skills?

As you know, good comprehension questions require students to scrutinize text closely, like detectives. Indeed, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) expect students to use text-based evidence to answer questions about what they read. According to the CCSS, students must be able to recall details and infer from the text; they must also analyze the text to build arguments and draw conclusions.

The comprehension questions in Read Naturally programs align well with these expectations. All stories in the Encore and Read Live sequenced series include at least five comprehension questions. Each question requires the student to use text-based evidence to arrive at the answer. The first question asks the student to determine the main idea of the story. The second question requires the student to recall a specific detail from the story. The third question asks the student to deduce the meaning of a vocabulary word from the story context. The fourth question requires the student to use hints from the story to make an inference. The fifth question is a short-answer question that asks the student to build upon the story to form conclusions. Stories in levels 3.0 and higher include additional detail, inference, vocabulary, and/or short-answer questions.

Clearly, Read Naturally comprehension questions were designed to bring out the Sherlock Holmes in your students. Encourage them to think like detectives as they work. After all, students love a good mystery almost as much as teachers love programs that align with the Common Core State Standards. In the case of Read Naturally, the evidence is clear: it’s a win-win!

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