On airplanes, they tell you to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. You’re only able to help another person if you have enough air for yourself. This advice can be applied metaphorically to any situation in life—and it’s the kind of advice that is especially difficult for teachers to follow. Teachers are the ultimate helpers. Without hesitation, they’ll set aside their own needs to help a student or colleague in need. So how do they avoid running out of oxygen? For many teachers, the answer is S-U-M-M-E-R.

Teachers, you work and breathe at a frenzied pace all school year long. We hope this summer allows you to fill up with some fresh, much-needed air. We enjoyed this article by Edutopia blogger Vicki Davis, who has some great tips for recharging your batteries before the school year begins anew. We like her suggestions to waste some time guilt-free, go on an adventure or two, and spend time outdoors every day.

Never mind the school-supply aisle that sprung up in mid-July. Pour yourself a glass of pink lemonade and put your feet up for a while. Remember, when you breathe deeply in the summer, you build up stamina for a strong year ahead.

And when the leaves begin to turn and those school doors fly open, we at Read Naturally are eager to support you in any way we can.