Nothing can replace the learning that happens when students interact personally with a good teacher. Not even the most sophisticated computer can compete with that. However, the use of technology in connection with face-to-face learning can have huge benefits for both teachers and students. That's one reason why blended learning—a mix of online and classroom learning—is gaining popularity in schools around the world.

Student at ComputerWhen used well, blended learning allows teachers to personalize learning, maximize instruction time, and control costs. Learning happens both in cooperation with a teacher and individually at the student’s own pace. As a result, the student has more control over his or her education and more access to learning tools outside of school. This infographic explains blended learning in greater detail and describes why it’s catching on.

Educators using our web-based fluency program, Read Naturally Live, have found that it can be used in a blended learning model. Teachers train students on the program in the classroom. When the student can competently perform the steps independently, the teachers set up Read Naturally Live so that students can access their Read Naturally stories from any iPad or computer. Students work through the independent steps of the program on their own—at home, in a computer lab, or after school—and collaborate with the teacher on the step(s) requiring teacher involvement. Together, the teacher and the student determine the combination that works best for each student.

This model tends to free up teachers to focus on the face-to-face interactions that are most beneficial for their students. What’s more, students tend to love working on their Read Naturally stories outside of school. They become so fascinated by the topics and so hooked on improving their words-correct-per-minute scores that they don’t want to stop when their classroom time is up. Why should they? If they’re motivated to continue building fluency outside of school, give them every opportunity to do so.

If you’d like to learn more about using Read Naturally Live in a blended learning model, please get in touch. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and find the ideal balance for your students or school.