The Read Live suite includes these foundational programs:

  • Read Naturally Live, which works on fluency and supports vocabulary and comprehension, and in some levels, phonics.
  • Word Warm-ups Live, which teachers phonics, syllable, and affix patterns.

To decide which Read Live program(s) to assign, you need to determine the student's instructional needs. Assessing the student will inform you about the student's fluency and phonics needs. Assessing students' needs and placing them appropriately is crucial to success in Read Live programs. Check out these informative videos to guide you through the process.


Assessing Phonics Needs

This video explains how to conduct a Word Warm-ups Live phonics assessment to identify a student's earliest phonics need. This helps you determine whether Word Warm-ups Live or the Read Naturally Live Phonics series is best suited for a student and where to place a student who needs help in decoding one-syllable, two-syllable, or multi-syllabic words.


Determining a Phonics Intervention

This video explains how to interpret the results of the Word Warm-ups Live phonics assessment and Read Naturally Live placement test to determine which Read Live intervention(s) are appropriate for a student--Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, or both.


Placing Students Without Phonics Needs

This video explains how to place a student in Read Naturally Live with an appropriate series, level, and story goal when the student needs to improve reading fluency but does not need phonics instruction.


Placing Students With Phonics Needs

This video explains how to determine an appropriate Read Naturally Live Phonics level and goal rate for a student with phonics needs. 


We also offer recorded webinars on assessment and placement and have a variety of additional resources in our Knowledgebase. As always, we are here to help! If you have questions about the assessment and placement process, please reach out and we will be happy to help.