Nearly 25 years ago, Read Naturally founder Candyce Ihnot and her daughter Jane wrote the first-ever Read Naturally stories. The hardworking mother-daughter pair did research at the local library and penned stories at the kitchen table. As they worked together to create content they were proud of, they never imagined that these stories would someday be enjoyed by students across the globe. But that’s exactly what happened.

Over the years, as the demand for our products grew, we modified and expanded our content to reach a global audience. We wrote about festivals, landmarks, natural wonders, famous people, and dozens of other interesting topics inspired by events around the world. Our development of Read Live allowed people in other parts of the world to access our content quickly and easily. As of today, Read Live has been used on five continents, in 144 different countries.

We hope our diverse audience has as much fun reading our stories as we had researching and writing them. Perhaps the 803 students using Read Live in Australia have a special interest in our story about the red kangaroo (level 2.3). The 66 Read Live students in Thailand may enjoy our description of a large, stinky-smelling fruit found in that region called the durian (level 4.5). Maybe a few of the 130 Read Live students in the United Kingdom have been lucky enough to visit Stonehenge, which we wrote about in level 5.6.

From Qatar (30 students) to Singapore (100 students), from South Korea (216 students) to our lone Read Live student in Angola, we’re honored that students who live oceans away are benefiting from our materials. And we continue to be amazed that, here in the United States, Read Live is helping over 250,000 students—a number that’s growing by the day.

Today, our headquarters is just a few miles from the kitchen table where Candyce and Jane wrote those first few stories. But our reach extends around the world and back. 

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