Teach your students how to do the steps of One Minute Reader Live with the new three-part video training series.

A Student's Guide to One Minute Reader Live combines detailed training videos with hands-on activities covering all the steps of the program. Each video in the series demonstrates a different set of steps. After watching the student narrator demonstrate the process, students log into their first One Minute Reader Live story and complete the steps themselves, imitating what was just demonstrated.

The videos teach students the requirements needed to advance through the process and the reason for each step. Students also learn how to navigate the program and where to find the controls on the different screens. The videos are easy to follow and appropriate for students of all ages.

We recommend displaying the videos for the whole group, allowing students to watch the videos together and then work individually in One Minute Reader Live. The training can be done virtually using a screen sharing tool like Zoom or Google Meet. Students can also view the training videos independently. The video series is also helpful for parents who are assisting a student working at home.

A Student's Guide to One Minute Reader Live is the best way to introduce new students to the program. Similar student training resources are also available for other Read Live programs:

Student Guide Part 1 Screen