Note: New web-based version on One Minute Reader is now available! 

The One Minute Reader iPad App has been out since January, and we've received fantastic feedback from parents, teachers, and students.  The app has even been recognized as a Top App for 2013 by Creative Child Magazine.

A few months ago, we asked the good people at Mosaic Reviews, a dedicated group of home school educators, to evaluate the One Minute Reader app.  Nineteen of their members offered to try it out and to share their experiences.  Here are quotes from two of the reviewers:

“This program has definitely helped her read more fluently and built her confidence. It also has worked with her vocabulary and comprehension!”
–Jen from Home is Where They Send Us

“She had a lot of fun seeing her scored times and trying to beat them and, because she adores crosswords and is a vocab whiz, the end of each story was like a big reward for her. I have definitely seen improvement in her fluency since she started using the app and I look forward to continuing through all of the levels.”
–Jessica from That Odd Mom

Links to all 19 reviews are available here.  We really appreciate the folks at Mosaic Reviews for taking the time to try the One Minute Reader iPad App and provide such thoughtful feedback.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get started!