Phonics skills are foundational to reading fluently and with comprehension. It’s essential for reading teachers to determine which students need phonics support and what that support should look like. Read Naturally is here to support your students’ phonics needs every step of the way—from assessment, to intervention, to ongoing skill maintenance. 

  • Our Quick Phonics Screener (QPS) assessment allows you to screen individual students or an entire group of students at once. Results will help you determine which students need phonics support and which skills an intervention should target. 
  • Word Warm-Ups Live is an in-depth phonics program that offers direct instruction of phonics skills and gives students opportunities to practice applying these skills using a motivating system. This program includes a phonics assessment to determine which skills each individual student should focus on. This powerful program is included in all Read Live subscriptions. 
  • Word Warm-Ups is the paper-and-audio version of Word Warm-ups Live. Teachers can give students specific lessons based on their needs or provide all the lessons for sequential instruction of all phonics elements. 
  • Read Naturally GATE is a small-group program that targets both phonics and fluency. In GATE, a small group of students works on the same story to develop fluency, and the teacher follows scripted lessons to add instruction on phonemic awareness, letter naming, letter sounds, high-frequency words, and deeper phonics instruction. This program is typically used with younger students or beginning readers. All phonics lessons are scripted and easy to follow.
  • Our Read Naturally Live Phonics series and our Read Naturally Encore II Phonics series are great ways to develop fluency and phonics at the same time using the motivating Read Naturally Strategy. 
  • Our spelling intervention, Signs for Sounds, reviews all the phonics skills typically taught in grades K–3. This is an effective program for students of any age who need to develop phonics skills to become better spellers. 

Helping students build phonics skills in order to become proficient readers is a passion for us here at Read Naturally, and we would love to work with you to find the best solutions for your students. Get in touch anytime to discuss your students’ phonics needs—or any other reading concerns. We look forward to working with you.