Read Live turns four years old today! Four-year-olds are awesome. Compared to their one-, two-, and three-year-old counterparts, four-year-olds are more stable and easier to manage. They’re more at ease in the world, and they’re eager to continue growing and getting better.

To celebrate this birthday, we solicited the help of Read Live’s best friends—a.k.a., our tech support staff. We asked them to tell about the growth and personality they’ve observed in Read Live over the years. Here are some fun facts:

  • Currently, Read Live is helping nearly 150,000 students become better readers.
  • In just four years, Read Live students have collectively completed nearly 3.5 million stories.
  • Is There a Bigfoot? is Read Live’s most popular story, followed by Poison Dart Frog and Gorilla. All three stories are in level 3.0.
  • Popular stories for older students include Northern Lights (level 5.6), Changes in Chocolate (level 6.0), The Great Wall of China (level 7.0), and Dolly the Cloned Sheep (level 8.0).
  • Popular stories in the phonics series include A Fox (level 0.8) and Henry Ford (level 2.3).
  • The Laughing Hyena (level 2.5), Machu Picchu (level 7.0), and The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 –1919 (level 8.0) are Read Live’s least-read stories, despite the fact that they’re all super interesting! (We’re not at all biased!!)
  • Level 3.5 is Read Live’s most popular level, with nearly 400,000 stories completed.

In just four short years, Read Live has made a tremendous impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. And technically, Read Live is still just a child! We’re excited to see how this amazing program continues to grow and touch lives in the years ahead. Happy birthday, Read Live!