The school year is underway. Is your Read Naturally program up and running? Ideally your students are making notable progress already. But before you sit back and reap the benefits (Ha! Do teachers ever “sit back”?), there’s an important step you need to take.

Checking initial placement will help ensure optimal success. After a student completes between three and six stories, you need to check to make sure the student’s level and goal are appropriate. To make this task as straightforward as possible, our curriculum experts worked hard to put together detailed guidelines, available for free on our website.

Read Naturally Checking PlacementREAD LIVE USERS:

Simply print out this guide and the Students-At-a-Glance report, and follow the instructions in the guide to interpret the data. The guide will give you clear information on what, if any, adjustments you need to make.


Print out this guide, and use it in conjunction with your students’ progress graphs.

After checking initial placement, you can proceed with confidence that your students are working in the correct levels and with the correct goals. And then you can sit back… Or, more realistically, continue to tackle your to-do list!

We hope you consider Read Naturally a partner this year in your efforts to improve the lives of struggling readers. If you’re not seeing the progress you expect, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help you troubleshoot.

  • Click here to download the free Checking Initial Placement guide for Read Live.
  • Click here to download the free Checking Initial Placement guide for Encore.